Eh it was hard coming up with a picture this evening. I've plumped into a slump as of late and I keep forgetting to snap photos!! Something big or something funny will happen and I remember my camera....AFTER the fact. Its been quite a bummer. I'm hoping to shake this funk and get back into the grove. I mean come on, I only have 133 pictures left. ;)

Tonight I chose to take a picture of Andee & Kelly's dog Rosie. She the neglected one of the household. We have many pets here at The Blackstrom household and other than the fish, I think she gets the least amount of attention. Mainly because my sister has those 1 year old twin girls and Rosie gets overly excited and usually knocks one of them over. Plus Rosie LOVES to play with my dogs and my oldest dog Lucas has turned into quite the grump...so when Rosie wants to play, Lucas just snaps at her. Poor Rosie! She just wants to play!!!!

But she is quite the princess of the backyard and has the whole space to herself. It is her domain. She's been trained well, not only with 'sitting' and doing hand shakes, but she also knows the routine of the morning pretty well. I get up and take my dogs out to the bathroom and Rosie heads into the garage as to not 'distract' my puppies from doing their business. She is perfect at it and does it without being asked!!! She's a cutie.

Rosie is a lovable dog!! She has loads of energy and loves to rough house with my puppy Simon. Plus shes good at cuddling with you and she has the best 'puppy' face ever!! (I think she practices!)

#232 - Rosie Posie. The biggest of all the pets in the house, the smallest attidtude and definitely the biggest push-over!!  Look how cute she is...

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  1. She's so cute!! What a face... How can you resist those eyes?7?