It was rainy today. The air was humid, thunder shook my salon walls and the sounds of the water variations echoed through the windows. One minute it was just pouring buckets of rain. Others it was a slight sprinkle. But whatever the variation was, it was on and off pretty much all afternoon. It left a wonderful scent looming around all day. It was such a clean and pure smell, I couldn't get enough of it. Once my day at work ended, I just wanted to play around in the puddles surrounding my house. The sun hadn't gone down yet and it was still 70+ degrees outside...perfect for a play date with the rainfall.

Of course after testing out my shot for the day, I ran it to grab my faithful 'photo blog model' Andee and had her roll up her pants to come bounce in the puddles with me. Once I told Andee about the shot I was looking for, I sat down on the wet asphalt and just snapped photos of her dancing around in the puddle. The water was going everywhere and it looked so cool!! I must admit I was a little jealous I had to be behind the lens, but it was fun to capture all the different splashes. Andee, you were awesome and I appreciate you dropping everything to come and play with me. The photos all turned out so great, I couldn't decided which I liked best!!

Here is my playful #212 - Have you danced in the rain lately?

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  1. Wow! I love it! You see that calf muscle? Yea, I've got some! Happy to help, anytime!