Another wonderful day in Pine Valley. We spent the afternoon at the local pool and it was wonderful. A little crowded, but great! Lots of visiting, happy kids and sun tanning...awesome!!

While here in PV we have been enjoying ANY and ALL snacks the group has provided. We all shared the 'supply' duties and brought our favorite treats to share. As you can imagine, a house full of girls, husbands with bottomless bellies and kids that snack 24/7, we have plenty to go around. We have ding dongs, beef jerky, pistachios, granola bars, apples, peaches, string cheese - OMGosh the cabin is FULL!!  We also have a porch full of coolers. I think Joe and I have 2 coolers, plus there is at least one per couple and I think that amounts to 6 coolers? And they are all full of water bottles, vitamin water, various sodas AND bottled Pepsi (which I brought and they have been a HUGE hit with everyone.) I don't know if its the bottle, the refreshing taste coming out of a extremely cold glass, the retro feel or the fact that they are the ones made in Mexico...I don't know. But EVERYONE here wants one. I came down here with 4, bought 6 more the other day and now Joe just bought a 24 pack when he went into town this afternoon. I'm hoping we don't run out again. There is about 50+ people here in our reunion and they have been in and out of our cabin all day sharing our Pepsi's. Tomorrow is a big 'on site' activity and I'm worried all the drinks will be gone by the end of the day. Oh well, a trip to town takes about 30 minutes, we can get more.

Silly picture for today, but an iced cold Pepsi on a hot day is just hits the spot.  My #202 - the best refreshment of the reunion.

See, even in taking a picture of the bottles, my nephew tried to steal one. They are going like hotcakes around here!!

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