I know you've heard it, I've said it before, but its worth repeating; I love my job!

Today was rough. Slammed busy for 8 straight hours, no break, no lunch, no time to sit & rejuvenate. Nothing, just work, work and more work. I can't complain much because the money is good and the creativity and interaction part is so rewarding...but man I'm getting old. It was a long day, my feet hurt, my legs ache, the back is cramping, my arms are sore and I'm exhausted! Phew!

However, like I said, only the chaotic days make me crazy. Everything else about my job is completely awesome!! In fact after my rough day today, I came home, got reacquainted with facebook & my news feed and found this wonderful status update my sister posted: My #189 - Just what I needed to see after a day like today!

(Sorry for the bad photo - I had to take a picture of my laptop screen!)

My sister is so sweet - as are the wonderful people who commented on this. I enjoy being creative and making people feel better about themselves. I love the confidence boost people get as they leave my chair and I LOVE all the feedback and referrals I get as well! On rough days like today, its nice to get a happy reminder on why I love my job so much. Thank you Andee for posting this and I'm so glad you get all those compliments. I know it makes you feel good about yourself and it definitely makes me proud of all the hard work (and rough days) I've done & gone through. Everyone needs a reminder every now and then and I'm blessed my reminders can come with the happiness of my sister!

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  1. I have to agree with her & I'm so excited to see you in about an hour!! :D Have an idea & we'll see how it turns out...which btw I know will be great!