Back on my #105 post, my picture of the day was all the Harry Potter movies on Bluray DVD. That was back in April. Our goal was to watch all of them, up to 7.1, before 7.2 came out. Well, 7.2 came out on July 15th and here it is July 30th and I can NOW say, we're ready to see 7.2!!

We were gung-ho about our goal when we first bought all the DVD's, but that wore off pretty quickly. Especially because the first couple of movies are just under 2 hours and easy to watch. (We've seen them MANY times before) Once the 4th movie came around, they were 2 hours plus I think and we'd only seen them once before [or never at all], so we really had to pay attention. It was hard to find that time. Well...it was hard to dedicate time. We actually watched the 4th one at the beginning of June and just watched 5 & 6 last night. I mean come on, 7.2 has been out for 2 weeks now...it was time for us to get on the ball!!!

Last night was fun because we watched 2 back to back. Joe and I saw the 6th one in the theaters, but I feel asleep and Joe got confused, so we FOR SURE needed to see it again before seeing 7.1. After staying up until after midnight last night watching Potter mania, we booked ourselves out tonight watch 7.1. Oh my gosh it was good!!! LONG, but good!! I almost cried in 2 parts and I was really scared a few others. But now I'm ready to go see 7.2, all I need to do is find the time!! Looking over our schedule for the next week, I'm afraid we might not be able to see it until next Sunday, which is a WHOLE WEEK AWAY!!!! Bummer! I might have to bump someone or something, just so I can clear a night to go see it. Sorry, but I might have to!!!!

#211 - HARRY POTTER and the DEATHLY HALLOWS!! This picture today, is kind of a re-use. Technically I've already taken a picture of this DVD back on post #105...but I don't care. Again, I make the rules! :)

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