I was downtown this morning. I'm hardly ever in the city, but the short visits I have are always quite interesting. The city has such a different lifestyle and I always admire how people can live around the chaos, late nights and trendy lifestyles. I envy country living myself (suburbia is the closet I can get), but I can appreciate the excitement of the city life. When I was walking out of my doctors office this afternoon, I noticed the street I parked on had a line of trees down the median of a split road. It reminded me of a neighborhood my friend used to live in when we were in high school. Even though I was smack in the middle of the downtown area, there was still a little something that reminded me of suburban life. Even when it was surrounded by office buildings, bus stops & newspaper machines on each corner, liter in more places than I wish to count and loud construction noises everywhere. It wasn't as pretty or as quiet as the serene little street my friend lived on, but snapping the photo in black & white seemed to make it look more peaceful. If only you could see the mass hysteria of city life during business hours that was happening right behind me. Cars, buses, people everywhere!! They all looked so important walking down the streets in suits & skirts. It was actually fun to sit and watch the hustle & bustle and wonder what these people did for a living or what sort of business chats they were having. It was a very chill and thoughtful afternoon. I could sit on that curb for hours just watching city life walk right past me.

My #209 - A quiet street in a loud, chaotic part of town.

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