Tonight was awesome!!! Joe and I were invited to see my good friend Joy's dad participate in a summer concert tonight. His group 'Contagious' was part of a "Summer Concert Series" held by a local shopping area and they perform on a courtyard in between restaurants and shops. It was great fun! Not only was the weather just PERFECT, but the music was so entertaining!! 'Contagious' is a cover band that plays songs ranging from ZZ Top to John Mellancamp. Collide by Howie Day to Pink Floyd's The Wall. SUPER FUN!! I could sing along to all the songs and dance in my personal space! (Joe was good at that!!) The best part was, I got to FINALLY hang out with JOY!!! We've been wanting to get together and we finally made it happen. See Joy? Once its been done, its easier to do again.

Joe and I also ran into quite a few people tonight. I saw my stylist Jordan and her boyfriend and we saw my sister Jessica's new 'in-laws' and sat by them the whole night. It was great fun and a completely random night out for Joe and I. We LOVE random date nights!

Thank you Joy for inviting us!! I'm glad we got to hang out (outside of the salon) to have some great conversations and giggles. And thank you 'Contagious' for putting on such an entertaining show. We will definitely be followers now - guess we'll see you on August 8th!!

#196 - Tonight's fun was really 'Contagious!' I'm glad we had so many people to share it with.

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  1. It was FUN! I am so glad that you & Joe came out. It was great to finally meet Joe and just hang out - I can't wait until next time! I'm gald you enjoyed the band too - even though I have heard them a thousand times I still love going to their shows.