Refer all the way back to post #96 where my I posted about this cute 7 year old that became my inspiration. Well today for my 194th picture, I have yet another great post about donating hair to Locks of Love. My sister-in-law Amanda and her daughter Lauren have been growing their hair out, specifically to one day donate the 10 inches needed for Locks of Love. Lauren who has always had long hair, has been patiently waiting for her mom's hair to grow and catch up. I can count so many times I've talked to Lauren and she always asks if her mom's hair is long enough yet! She's been super excited.

Today was finally the day!!! Amanda's hair wasn't excessively longer than 10 inches, so we really had to cut hers short in the back, but Lauren's hair is still down to her shoulders. It was such a fun day! Since Lauren wanted her hair the same length all the way around, we actually cut off 3 ponytails from her hair. (1 in back and 2 on the sides.) And on Amanda we took one THICK ponytail from the back...man her hair was THICK!!

Once again I'm posting about an inspiration to grow my hair out. Even after cutting 2 inches off my length yesterday, I'm still trying to grow it out. (I just needed a little shape & style) One day my hair WILL be longer than 10 inches and I WILL be able to donate it. One day...

#194 - You're My Inspiration. (I was totally singing that song by Chicago in my head as I typed that. Love it!!)


  1. I had my hair cut for Locks of Love in High School. Kristen Yancey, the 1999 Miss Murray, made it her service project. I barely had enough to donate, but it felt good to do it.

  2. I don't know if we have ever made this connection or not but I totally know your sister in law... I think she and Amy are the same age - last name used to be Sherriff?? What a small world! I think they might have danced together at some point... That is really awesome about their hair.

  3. great post :o) my hair is getting long and just the other day was thinking about chopping it. i just went and measured and i have about 8 inches that could be cut off, so maybe i will wait a little longer to get the 10 and donate too :o)

  4. What an awesome post! I love stories like these :)