We had a birthday party for my brother-in-law Jarron this evening. Today is his actual birthday and the good guy that he is, opted to celebrate with the entire family on his special day. What a great guy, right? Thanks Jarron for sharing your day with us! :)

I snapped a silly photo of him right before we sang 'happy birthday' and I was planning on using it tonight...but then I thought about it a little more. I'm not one to support the cake, presents and singing after turning 21. (And 21 is pushing it.) Its just silly, embarrassimg and juvenile. We're all adults now, we've been sung to and spotlighted for years and we don't necessarily have that 'need' or 'want' after we reach a certain age. I'm sure most adults can agree with me on this, so that is why I've decided to nix the original photo for the day. Jarron has had enough attention on his day, I highly doubt he wants me to showcase that silliness on this blog for the whole world to see. So Jarron, you're welcome! :)

My new photo for today is another 'action' shot. I've been really into this lately; ever since the night of the fireworks my curiosity has grown. Snapping a photo of something in motion is fascinating to me. But basically the boys were playing in the backyard with these new nerf guns Nancy had bought. They are more like machine guns because they shoot out 15 bullets very rapidly. After mulitple tries and multiple failures, I was finally able to get a good one. Thanks Dallin for letting me get so close and not shooting me! (They actually really hurt!!)

#192 - Dallin in action!

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  1. Love it! I need to experiment with my camera a little more & get some action photo's of my girls swimming & splashing, etc :)