Again, I'm super stoked this is my 2nd halfway day. Its all downhill from here, right? Looking back at all my silly posts, funny pictures and all the long/descriptive stories, I must say I'm a complete dork! Haha!! A few of the l.o.n.g. stories I re-read tonight, I actually found myself laughing out loud. Remembering the day and the reason for taking the picture AND just because I was making fun of myself. I take this challenge way to seriously sometimes and then other time its like I'll post a picture of ANYTHING just to get a photo up here.

These last 6 months have taken me through plenty of birthdays, all the excitement surrounding my sister Jessica's wedding, my awesome family and my wonderful & caring friends. Not only is this blog a visual of my life for others to see, but a great journal of recollection for me. All the good times, the funny jokes, my husbands quirks, my loving family and the silly nothings that don't mean much now, but meant sometime the day I snapped the photo. Aww...this blog makes me so happy!!! What a great 6 months it has been. I'm excited for all the pictures yet to come!!

Okay enough about my halfway point. Today was a beautiful and HOT summer day in Utah. I unfortunately had to work this evening, but my day started off so great, just hanging with Joe. We spent the entire morning together - starting off early picking up our Bountiful Basket, then getting a quick nap in before heading to lunch and the music store.

Joe has taught himself how to play the harmonica. He's always been fascinated with the music and the Blues genre. After running across a cheap one at Cracker Barrels gift shop months ago and just last week receiving another as a souvenir from our good friends Lynda and Paul when they visited the 'Grand Ole Opry' in Tennessee, he's now obsessed. (You would think the 'practicing' would be quite annoying but I'm surprised to feel quite soothed as he plays. Its very relaxing!) Now that he has taught himself a few songs (i.e. Amazing Grace, theme song from The Good, the Bad & the Ugly, that silly Olè song...and a few others.) he realized the cheap gift shop one he was using, just wasn't sounding right and he didn't want to ruin the souvenir one. I was okay with the decision to buy a nice, fancier one. We were at the Guitar Center for about 30 minutes and ended up with a new harmonica and a few song books. Joe is excited to play for everyone while were on vacation in Pine Valley, Utah later this month!!

So without further adieu, here is Joe's newest hobby, my #183 - whatever gets him away from Call of Duty every now and then is an answer to many prayers. Keep it up Joe!! :)

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