Today was our buffer day. I had to go into work this morning for a conference call and some schedule making, but I didn't stay long. (My first officially day back is tomorrow)  Joe also had today off with the holiday yesterday, so we lived the day to the fullest...okay, well not really at all...we were so LAZY!!! We watched a few of our TV shows that we missed while on our trip, then we had a very eventful trip to Costco and spent way too much money, then we came home changed into comfy clothes and literally sat around all day. Joe made a yummy dinner with some fish that he caught in Pine Valley and I finished laundry...so technically I got off the couch for something!! It was a great way to end our vacation. Just an alone day, doing nothing, but enjoying each others company.

Now back to the work routine tomorrow. Joe and I don't have anymore vacation time this year, so I'm thinking this trip was IT for 2011. However, we were grateful we got the time off and we're happy we finally got to reap the benefits of working so hard.

Here is my #206 - Our silly purchase at Costco. Totally pointless and random, but we had fun watching a few episodes this afternoon and reliving our childhood memories.

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