Today's picture really has nothing to do with anything, but I wanted to share anyway. We were talking about our attachment to certain things back from our childhood, today at work and I happened to mention my blankie. That's right, my blankie. Most people had some form of 'soothie' when they were an infant, a teddy bear, pillow, clothing item or in my case a blanket. I was lucky enough to have kept mine...in somewhat...good condition over the years. And yes, that's right, I STILL have it and I STILL sleep with it. Don't judge!!

I was given this blankie when I was a year old, if I remember correctly. I believe my mom's friend Paulette gave it to me...but that was 28 years ago...I could be wrong. But in talking about my security blanket at work today, I remembered a story that almost banished my blankie from my life completely. (And YES I'm going to share.)

About 17 years ago, my stepdad & mom were taking us girls to Albuquerque, NM to see my Grandma for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately we didn't make it past Spanish Fork. Our car slipped on some black ice and we slid off the highway. Of course were were just heading straight down the hill with no issues, but apparently there was a big water pump or pipe sticking out of the ground and the front end of our car hit it and sent the back end our up and over and we landed completely upside down. Our things were sent flying, glass was everywhere and we all scurried out of the wreckage. To make the story even shorter, after the hospital visit and a few days of recuperation, my parents headed down to the wrecking yard to gather up the remainder of our belongings. After searching through all the luggage and crap just thrown in a pile, my blanket was NOWHERE! I was distraught for more than a week. I don't remember what I did or said that bothered my mom so much, but she drove my butt back down to Spanish Fork canyon and we all searched in the snow, for my blanket. Not knowing the exact location of the crash or even thinking it would still be there, my mom sent us all on a wild goose chase. However after quite some time of digging through snow...my blankie was recovered!!! It was frozen stiff under a fresh pile of snow, but nothing a warm car ride home & a trip in the washer couldn't help!!!

I'm so grateful for my mother who actually took the time to try and recover it. Now I'm more attached to it than ever and not only do I sleep with it every night, Joe can't deny, he loves it too. I catch him cuddling with it every now and then!! ;)  Here is my random #208 - Light blue, faded bunnies & butterflies, ties that have knotted up almost completely and my tattered ends.  Talking about it, reminded me of how much I love my blankie. Always and forever!

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  1. What a neat story from your past... I can't believe that the blankie was actually found!! I hope you decide to print this blog so that you will have all of these memories to cherish for years to come.