Some of us love the game Pounce. I've heard it called Nerts before, but we call it Pounce. Its a simple card game, as long as you know the order of the cards Ace thru King. Its a game of speed, strategy and just plain luck. My sisters Kalie & Andee and I are hardcore players and can be pretty quick. But it has come to my attention that my oldest sister Robyn is a very competitive as well and I never knew it!! I played a few games with her and man my heart was racing. Robyn is my families Dark Horse in Pounce!!

Its a great past time here in Pine Valley. We were taught this game MANY years ago by my Aunt Amie and its been a tradition ever since. Its really funny to see that we don't ever play Pounce outside of Pine Valley. I don't know if we just forget about it in our daily lives or its just a PV thing. But its loads of fun and we always have a great time.

Just watch for shouting, cheating and teasing. You can't be a pansy and play with the Snow's. If you have the skill...and a backbone, you can definitely play at our table.

My #203 - An INTENSE and LARGE game of POUNCE!!

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  1. Love this shot! Love your photo blog! BTW, my old age has stripped me of my ability to play pounce! I tried 1 game and I sucked super bad! XOXO