Our first and only 'over night' stay in Enterprise, was at the Sleep E Motel. In all my years of traveling down to E-town, I stayed here. I was always lucky enough to have many offers of lodging at my aunts place or a few of my friends homes, but the Sleep E, holds a special place in my heart and its better for more independence. I could always come and go, have friends over late and party without disturbing anyone. It isn't the grandest of motels, very quaint and simple but I love it. Plus it was always a great central locale for all my friends to hang out it in. All the laughs, jumping on the beds, pedicures, late night conversations and bizarre secret photos, this was the place!! Hahaha, so many good times.

(I forgot to charge my camera battery before we left SLC, so...needless to say I was unable to take many pictures today. But fear not, it will be charged up for tomorrow.)

#198 - The infamous Sleep E Motel.

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