#210 - Do you know what this is? 

THIS IS AN EMPTY HAND!!!!! That's right, an empty hand. I misplaced my wallet today and I can't explain to you how naked and empty I feel.  The wallet I lost was that simple Cheers wallet that I posted about on #141. Luckily I only use that wallet for handheld purposes. Basically it has my ID in it, my debit card and any cash tips that I get at work. It usually sits in my back pocket. (I keep a bigger wallet in my purse with all my department store credit cards, my mini cosmetology license, checks and insurance information.) Losing my simple wallet isn't that much of a loss, more just an inconvenience. The situation could definitely have been worse. The biggest inconvenience obviously is being without my ID, but luckily I was able to leave work early enough to grab all necessary documentation and head to the DMV for a new copy. An hour & 1/2 later, I have my temporary license. Also, we had to cancel my debit card. Which is a major inconvenience because we have no other access to our checking account. We don't have any credit cards (other than departments stores) so our funds are all in one account. Joe doesn't have a debit card...for many reasons...insane impulse spending being the #1...and we don't have an ATM card. Basically meaning the only way we'll be able to use our checking account is with writing a check. And with that, Joe would have to write them out because I had no ID! UGH! Well luckily I do now have a temporary ID and Joe was able to head to our bank branch and get an ATM card issued so PHEW! We WILL have money this weekend!!

It was a rough afternoon to say the least. But I have to thank my lucky stars, because it could have been A LOT worse. I have a few friends that have been dealing with identity fraud and fraudulent charges on their accounts, so I feel extremely lucky. However I am seriously bummed I'll have to memorize a new debit card number. Apparently I'm the only one that knows my 16 digit card number by heart. I guess I can thank the MANY online purchases I've made over the last year (my feather extensions). Hopefully my new card number will be just as easy to memorize.

Oh the INCONVENIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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