Let's CELEBRATE!! Today is my 182nd day of this photo challenge - which marks 
(Technically half of 365 is 182.5, so I guess today AND tomorrow will be considered half way!)
So YAY for me - its all downhill from here! Have a drink for me in celebration, aye?

I'm extremely proud of myself for making it this far and for staying so dedicated. I don't know anyone else who has taken a daily challenge as serious as I have. If I could only be [this] dedicated in other areas of my life. Wha-waah! Thank you readers, followers and stalkers. I appreciate you sharing in this journey with me. Cheers to another 183 more days!

Now for my #182.

Tonight we celebrated yet another significant birthday with a friend. Our friend Trish celebrated her 40th birthday with her family and friends. (We were so happy to be included!!) There was yummy food, great conversations and good tunes! Loved all the 80's music!!

We had to leave the party early.. :(  even before the sun went down..  but we were happy we got to go and celebrate with some funny people. Plus we got to pack up a little goodie bag as a favor from the party. Trish's sister put together a candy bar that had some great treats to choose from! #182 - Check out my stash!!

Some yummy gum balls, Blow-pops, Razzles, Sixlets, Zotz sour candies, some Fun Dip packages and YES, Sheet candy!!! Mmmm...I'm having a sugar high right now.

Happy Birthday Trish!! And happy HALFWAY to me!

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