#180 & #181

Ugh once again Blogger kept me from posting on time. I'm not sure what the issue was, but it kept giving me an 'error' message every time I tried to post, log-on or view any private blogs. Its so frustrating when I [the subject] am ready and willing to keep up with the challenge and this blog site [the proof] is temperamental and difficult to work with. Super, super aggravating. I never thought Blogger would be the reason I'd be unable to post and continue the challenge. I always assumed it would be my laziness that would make me fail. Anyway, I'll be posting 2 pictures today...apparently I have no choice.

Yesterdays picture wasn't even that exciting, but here is what I had typed up before blogger went postal:

I'm kinda cheating on my picture today. I really didn't have anything to post. Joe and I spent the evening with friends for a special little kids birthday party. (Happy 6th Birthday Porter!) But alas, I forgot to take my camera out to snap a few photos. :(  But I DID get my nails done today, so I thought I'd post about that.

I bite my nails. I've mentioned it before, but I've been a nail biter since I can remember. Its so gross and a habit I wish I could conquer. But my issue is, I do it without even thinking. I get mad at myself [after] the fact because most of the time I have no idea I've done it until my fingers start hurting. UGH!!

I've had acrylic nails on plenty of times, but I usually bite them off too. Or I rip them off. I've never had nails on long enough to actually get a fill...NEVER!! I got my nails done for Jessica's wedding just over 2 weeks ago and surprisingly enough I've kept them on...despite breaking one in half last weekend. Luckily the nail salon next to my work glued the broken piece back on!! So today after work - I GOT MY FIRST FILL!!!  They actually look MUCH better than the first time, because the 'tip' isn't so far down on my 'nubby' nail bed. I've gone over 2 weeks without biting my nails OR biting the acrylic ones....maybe I can actually break this nasty habit once and for all!   ...guess we'll see...

#180 - My pretty acrylic nail FILL!

And then here is today's post:

This is the beginning of an extremely busy & chaotic holiday weekend and I'm not looking forward to it. Not only will the salon be crazy busy but I hired a new girl that started today. I scheduled a 4 hour period to dedicated just to her orientation & training this afternoon, but the salon was super busy and I was barely able to get a consecutive 20 minutes with her. I got through all the orientation information, but none of the training. Which means while the salon is full of customers and I'm running around with my head cut off, I'm ALSO going to have to find time to train this stylist so she knows what she is doing AND so she can be an asset to the company this busy weekend. Wish me all the luck in the world, I'm going to need it!

But now that she is officially hired and in my computer system, I can plan the schedule for the rest of the month. With many different vacations my 3 stylists are taking and MY vacation time, scheduling has been quite difficult. I'm stressing a little bit. In fact its ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT! I even cancelled plans with my husband and his movie crew tonight so I figure it out. (They were all going to dinner and to see Super 8.) But I needed to set some time to do the schedule, so I stayed home and I nave hand written the schedule about 3 different times...and I'm still not sure its right. It'll have to do...until I can get approval from each of my girls. Ugh! One stress down, a whole weekend more to go.

#181 - The month of death. The month of vacations AND the busiest month of the year. Can I make it through this month?? I'm REALLY going to need my vacation!!!

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