Tried fishing again tonight. Joe found a different pond to try, but alas we came home with no fish. Joe actually fished off the pier and the gentlemen he talked to up there said they hadn't caught anything since last Friday. Oh well...at least this pond was quieter and more peaceful. Its more secluded and less well known. Neither of us knew it was even there, having driven past this area hundreds of times. Joe wants to try this location out again in the future, so we'll keep it on our list.

I forgot my book this time around, but luckily I keep a VERY LARGE word puzzle book in my car (for road trips) and I was able to keep busy. I did play with my camera a bit. There were more ducks at this pond and there were a few families feeding them, so I was able to get a few up close shots. This particular female kept away from the crowd and I got a few good pictures of her.

#172's - Two pictures of this beautiful female. I caught her flapping he wings (Wish the wings were in better focus, but man, they were flapping fast.) Then I just caught her sitting alone...I just loved the way the water rippled around her. (Oh and I had to post this one of my reflection. Yes the camera was safely around my neck!! I was just having fun and the cloud reflection looks cool too!)


  1. I like the motion in the wing picture...cool shot...wouldn't be as cool if it was in focus! Great pics Red. Keep 'em coming. You are hard core girl!

  2. The motion of the wings totally make the shot... great pics!!