Alright today was THE WEDDING!! It was a beautiful day weather-wise, but very hectic in every other aspect. I was the insane, time conscious, annoying, OCD hairstiylist all day and I'm sure everyone was about done with my attitude by the time the reception started. But you have to understand, if you want ME to do your hair, you need to pay attention to time and be courteous & patient...oh and ON TIME! Once the reception started and my anxiety lowered a bit, I was finally able to relax and mingle. Plus Joe was in the dancin' mood and we boogied all night long! (My feet are now screaming at me!) It was fantastic to just kick back and have fun with Joe though.

I brought both of my camera's along and I was lucky enough to have a few people handle the cameras without me and got some great shots. Worrying about getting a picture of EVERYTHING was not #1 on my priority list, so to have someone do it for me, was icing on the cake!! Two of my sisters took the lead a few times. Plus it was nice to actually get myself in the pictures. That hardly ever happens. Brittany got some great shots of the reception center and Kalie took some silly photos of Joe and I dancing....er making fools of ourselves is more like it! We had fun though and I clearly burned off my fair share of calories tonight!

There were SO MANY photos to look at and go through, like I predicted yesterday. I knew it would be hard picking just one today. But I'm literally falling asleep as I type this, so only 1 picture will make it up. I will post more pictures soon...after I recover!!

#165 - The happy couple! Cory & Jessica Downward . Married & sealed in the Salt Lake Temple 6.14.11

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