One word. CHOCOLATE!! I must say, I'm a huge fan.

We had a dinner for my sister Jessica & her husband Cory tonight. (They finally opened up their wedding gifts this evening.) Although I was late getting there because of work, it was still nice to have dinner & visit with the family. Luckily Cory's parents and grandmother came as well. As much as I love Cory's parents....I love his grandma more. When she's invited, you know there will be chocolate! (She works for Cummings chocolates.)  I, like Cory, am obsessed with her chocolate covered grapes. Seriously they are THEE best! Of course since I arrived late, I missed the grapes, but there were still chocolate covered strawberries and truffles to snack on!! My bonus mom Nancy let me take some home with me - YAY!

#177 - Love me some chocolate and love me some grandma Joyce!!! I have room for another grandma...do you think she'd want the position?

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