Wow. For some reason I'm having a moment of complete shock as I typed the title of this post. #158. You guys, can you believe I've stuck with this challenge? I'm just a little over 30 days away from the big 200 mark. I want to do something special for that day, it'll be in July, so hopefully something exciting happens to me that day or I'll just have to make it happen.

I'm also sitting here, wondering who really looks at this blog anyway? I know my facebook friends all look at it because a few of you will post comments on my blog link. But I'm wondering how many strangers come across this blog? Or how many of my friends have passed this blog address on to someone. I know this blog is no where near as popular as some craft blogs, business blogs or personal blogs, but wouldn't it be cool if it was? I don't know if any of your read Nie Nie, but I follow it occasionally - along with the rest of the nation! She was on Oprah for crying out loud. Then there is the movie Julie vs. Julia that started out as just a blog/recipe site. Wouldn't it be wild if people all over the country stopped by for just a quick peak at my devoted challenge? I know some of my pictures are silly and just for fun, but this blog REALLY is all about my life in 2011. You could learn so much about me just by looking at my pictures. (Which I know many don't actually read my boring stories that go with the photo!) But sometimes I wonder if this challenges is just as silly as some of the photos.

This blog has effected my WHOLE life. Everyday I'm constantly aware of what I could take a picture of, or what is blog-worthy. I'm literally enveloped in this blog. I just wonder if maybe its all just for me. Would anyone really notice if I forgot a day? Would anyone even care if I was late? (Which I have been...twice...and I was NOT happy about it, but did anyone else care?) I'm so involved with it - I'm almost scared for the day its over. What will I do then?

I'm just full of thoughts this evening and dreaming that this blog (and my silly challenge) was a bigger deal. I dream of it being important or inspirational to someone. But I definitely enjoy my loyal followers and their responses to my posts. It makes ME feel important. Thank you to my followers & stalkers!! I'm glad SOMEONE other than me, pays attention.

Okay - enough about my hopes and dreams. Joe played softball again tonight. These are the nights I wish I had a better lens!!! One day..one day. Joe's team won again, but it was a REAL close game! The weather was perfect and we had some great company. Thanks to our good friends Paul & Lynda for coming to visit and support Joe. Its ALWAYS a good time when you're around! :)

#158's - The long walk to right field AND the line up! This first picture kinda makes me sad because Joe looks so lonely. I do love how beautiful the clear sky looks and the colors of the greenery. Then my actual picture for today was the line up. I love everything about softball. Makes me miss my high days of playing.

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