Today was a fun filled day...half of the things we wanted to do, we couldn't because Joe's on call and unfortunately got called out twice today. Made for an interesting day. But we did enjoy the day together and got some important things done. Man I love hanging out with my husband. Even if is far and few in between, its probably the best thing ever. Love you Joe!!

I had plenty of photo opportunities today, but I didn't make it a priority. Until about 9 o'clock I get a call from Joe on his way home from working downtown and he told me to grab my camera and get a picture of the sunset. I yelled OK, threw my phone on the couch, grabbed my keys & camera and headed out. I didn't even grab shoes!! ;)  There is a corn field just a little bit south of our house that gives a large, clear view of the sky, so I drove straight to it. Sure enough, as soon as I got out of my car I was super happy Joe called me. It was gorgeous!! Plus there was a huge line of planes coming in, so I got a few great shots with an airplane in the sky. (The one positive to living semi close to the airport.)

It was breathtaking. I was standing next to my car, feet aching from standing barefoot on the asphalt and my heart was all warm and fuzzy. The only thing missing was Joe by my side, marveling at Utah's beauty with me.

#163's - An amazing summer day with Joe - and an ever better summer evening sunset. Yay for June!!

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