I doodle pretty much all the time. Whenever there is a piece of paper & a pen/pencil in front of me, guaranteed I'm doodling. When I'm on the phone, in a meeting or listening to a conversation...my pen just moves without me even thinking.

When I got home from work tonight, Joe was playing call of duty and not wanting to pay any attention to me, so I decided to draw a picture I've been thinking of lately. It was so much fun. All the mistakes I had to erase or the new ideas that popped in my head. Art used to be a huge part of my life. Now, instead of drawing or painting, I explore my creativity through hair. Cutting and coloring. But there are days I wished I had kept up with my drawings.... There are many days...

But anyways I've been wanting to draw a picture of 2 little birdies...for a reason I will post about later...but after researching some ideas on line and drawing draft after draft, I was finally able to create the picture in my head. Awesome!!!  My table now has eraser shavings everywhere, there is lead smeared on the outside of my right wrist and believe it or not, but my knuckles are cramping a bit. (Old age I guess.) But I couldn't be happier! PLUS I got my picture! All I have to do now is make it an official art piece.

#153 - Catching myself in a state of creativity and imagination.

(cell phone pic)

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