Today is the first day I've taken a photo, of a photo. (At least that I can recall.) And I've received some guff about it. I proclaimed a few rules when started this blog.
#2  It has to be of something that happened THAT DAY. 
And #3 No self-portraits (Which I broke on day #5 and a few other times.)
But today since, I'm taking picture of a photo of an event that has already passed...it has brought up some arguments that I'm breaking rule #2. Oh well, be quiet people I MAKE THE RULES!  Hahaha!!

Today is my sister Kalie and her husband Jesse's 12th anniversary. 12 years...wow! 

My #176 - FLASHBACK!! Us sisters on Kalie's wedding day! I had to post this only because I am SHOCKED at how much 12 years has changed us. We all look so young here!! As we were; I was 17, Kalie was 19 and little Andee was only 12!! Its amazing how much older and different we all look. I actually wished I had a photo of the bride and groom for today's post, but alas I could only find this one. HOWEVER I was happy about it because I also have a picture of us 3 taken and my sister Jessica's wedding last week. Its awesome to see the difference. 

And here is the bonus picture of us 3 just last week. Whoa...12 years and my cosmetology degree has done a lot of each of us!! LOL And again, sorry for breaking my 'self proclaimed' rules. Rules were meant to be broken, right? We were cute, innocent and sweet back then. But look at us now. Each of us are more mature, sassy and can be a little feisty!

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  1. Loved you all then...love you all now! What a fabulous flashback!! Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!