We had Hale Center Theatre tickets again this evening and saw the musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. I have mixed feelings on HCT's version, but I was definitely entertained. The story was great, it was their portrayal that was a little confusing and chaotic.

Joe isn't a 'huge' fan of musicals. He likes watching plays and dramas, but something about the singing and dancing that loses his attention. Right before intermission I glanced over to him and apparently he was entertaining himself. He had ripped up his program and was making something out of it. I had to snap a photo of it during intermission, but the real magic was going on during the show. He was literally playing with it on the seat in front of him. Did you know Mr. Program could do a kick line and gyrate to the music? LOL

My #178 - Mr. Program. The result of my husbands boredom. At least Mr. Program enjoyed dancing to the musical!!!