Since I'm a hairstylist, I have access to MANY different hair products - or I can get easy access. Luckily the salon I work in, offers free 'samples' to their hairstylists. Usually for promotions or when there are new products coming out. Either way, I can get any kind of product pretty easily. That being said, its very frustrating that my husband CANNOT find a hair gel that he likes. I've brought home so many different types, textures and 'holds,' but nothing seems to be his cup-o-tea. He complains that its too stiff, or it flakes, or it leaves his curly hair frizzy. Ugh I hear it everyday!! Come on Joe, out of the everything I brought home, NOTHING works??? I'm thinking someone is a little picky. (Especially because 80% of the time, he doesn't even do anything to his hair. He blames not having the right product...I blame laziness.)

With my sister wedding this past Tuesday, I forced him to get a haircut. His long curly locks were getting out of hand, and he loves to recite the story of Samson and Delilah from the Bible and tells me I'm trying to take his strength away. (If you know Joe at all, this story shouldn't surprise you.) For the past 5 months, anytime I mention a 'trim' he yells 'No Delilah, I won't let you control me' and the conversation ends. Who wants to argue with a crazy person like that? He reminds me of some crazy, incoherent old man in a rest home, walking around muttering Bible stories. Its just ridiculous to even try to argue. But with the wedding, my inner Delilah came out and didn't give him a choice. We compromised and just trimmed/shaped his overgrown mullet.

Now that it is shorter, he hasn't stopped complaining about not having the right product. Yesterday we went to another wedding and I touched his hair and couldn't believe how stiff his curls were. I asked what he put in them and he started getting all upset about not having the right product again. Never ending! Anyway I finally gave in and told him to go buy himself something that would make him happy. After running to the grocery store on the way home from the wedding, we are now the proud owners of 2 bottles of L.A. Looks hair gel. OMGosh, this gel has been around FOREVER! Pretty old school and probably AWFUL for your hair. Oh well, if it shuts Samson up, I should be grateful.

#168 - The solution to a never ending argument.

Seriously? They still make this stuff??? Ugh...this makes a hairstylist shudder.


  1. Sooo funny, Cody is trying other things, very dissatisfied, but swears by this nasty stuff too. I think it's lard and gasoline, he thinks it's great. :)

  2. Well hopefully it helps him with the complaining for a while?? Funny that he ended up getting LA Looks though haha.