S Y T Y C D 

That's right people!!
The collaboration that makes up my #160 - is So You Think You Can Dance! Although the season technically started a few weeks ago, tonight marked the night of the TOP 20 Dancers!! It was a great episode, they changed it up a little bit this year and the new version of the 'reveal' episode got my vote! Instead of dragging out the episode, picking the top 20, they showed the clip (recorded previously) of the selections being made and then broke up each clip with a LIVE performance by the dancers that were chosen in the previous clip. It was nice and very entertaining to see a little spice added to the long process of selecting the final 20. All the dancers I loved through the auditions made it to the top 20. All the LIVE performances tonight were incredible. I LOVED the top 10 guys dance. Plus there were 2 Sonya Tayeh routines and she is my FAVORITE choreographer; YAY!

So needless to say, I'm STOKED for this season. This show is one of my favorite things about summer!! I'm excited for the few months of SYTYCD and all the incredible/memorable dances that will come with it. Who's with me??

**Thank you Andee for being my sign language model. (Joe tried to help, but his masculine hands just didn't look as photogenic!)


  1. I'm with you...still need to watch the Thursday show...and now I'm pumped! It is my fav show of the summer too :-)

  2. I love SYTYCD! And it was a great episode and I can't wait to see what this crew does!