This weekend was the Utah Foster Care Foundation's 9th Annual Chalk Art Festival.  A friend of mine participated with her family group, The Grimshaw Girls and I was one of the MANY sponsors for their piece. This group raised over $1000 for the foundation, through sponsorship and an online auction. I had seen the pictures of their previous years and I got excited to help out and be a sponsor this year. I participated in their online auction, plus sent in an additional donation. It always feels so good to give back and help in anyway you can. (Thank you Becca for introducing me to your family group and this great cause!)

Since today is a Saturday, of course I had to work, but as soon as I got off I headed straight downtown to snap a few shots of their entry! Once I arrived, the parking garage was full, the streets were busy and the mall was SLAMMED!! There were people everywhere! The shops had lines out the door, some shops were even sold out of many items because today was such a busy day. (I was able to hit a few sales though, so I can't complain too much) Plus it was great exposure to this cause! The main street down this outdoor mall was full of all the different entries. I was completely amazed by all the talented entries. The theme this year was "Foster Parents are Magic." It was awesome. I can't wait to sponsor again next year. *If you're interested in more of the Chalk Art Festival click here. Or you can view more of The Grimshaw Girls artwork from today and past years here. (Please 'like' them on Facebook)

#169's - The Grimshaw Girls Chalk Art.  Good job Camille, Karyn, Patricia, Amy and Becca - thanks again for doing what you do and participating in a wonderful charity.

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  1. I can't believe you were there!! My dad's band played until 4:00 by the fountain. My mom and I walked up and down the street and looked at all of the amazing art - there are some very talented people out there! I loved this one and took a few pictures of it myself. Did you see the one with George Washington crossing the Delaware? It wasn't done when we left but it was AAAAmazing!