T-minus 4 days until operation Downward/Snow wedding. I have literally spent everyday this week taking care of my family's hair needs. With only 1 more work day with one last sister coming in and me jumping in the salon on Monday to do my Grandma's hair, I'm almost officially done! Its surprising how exhausting it can be to completely book yourself out. Not only during work hours, but on my off time as well. Since there is little time before the wedding and a list of things to do, 2 of my sisters and I got our toenails done tonight! Kalie & Andee went for the whole pedicure treatment, but I treated myself to a pedicure last week and didn't see the need for another, so I just went in for the 'glitter toes.' Well after a LONG day of working [non-stop] I decided to treat myself yet again to the best foot rub money can buy.

My sister Jessica's wedding colors are Pink, Yellow and "Aqua." (We've all debated on what to call that blue color...the bride and groom call it 'teal' but in my mind 'teal' is a greenish blue. The color they chose is more like a deep baby blue. So I call it 'aqua.') Anyway, most of the sisters (& mom) opted for pink toenails. Since I was doing glitter, I wanted something with a pink base but a silver sparkle/confetti look. The glitter I picked out looked pink to me, but my friend Anna who owns the nail salon, told me I chose purple. After joking around, I told her I was going against her opinion and doing the PINK (not purple) glitter. The nail tech that actually did my toes giggled with me and decided we should call the color 'fuschia' because it was a pinkish-purple. Once the gel was on all my toes, I had to agree with Anna...they were purple. After my pedicure was over and the top coat was applied to my nails, the pink shimmer shined through and I was once again happy with my PINK choice. The tech actually added a white flower with bits of yellow and pink to it as well.

After showing my toes off to my sister and Anna, they all agreed my toes were purple. Then I asked a few strangers in the salon and they ALL said purple. Oops! I guess I'll have purple nails for my sisters Pink, Yellow & Aqua wedding. Oh well it made for a good laughter-filled, 30 minute discussion with my sister Kalie and all the nail techs. Sorry Jessica - I'll be the only one without a wedding color on my toes...I tried though! Its still PINK in my eyes. What do you think??

My PINK glitter toes as my #161. (Anna told me I was the 'step-child' to all my sisters pink toes. How right she is.)

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