Tonight's post makes me happy. Although, I'm sick....Apparently in the middle of summer, I have caught a cold. Yay me. Anyway, after leaving work early to take a 3 hour nap and getting caught up on my Chelsea Lately recordings, Joe came home from work to take care of me. He said he was going to take a shower, but after about 10 minutes, he came back with a bowl of chicken noodle soup, crackers and a movie! He's the greatest, isn't he? Then I found out why he was doting upon me so heavily...he actually wants to leave my sick butt in bed with a movie, so he can go play Call of Duty in the living room. Ha, the truth comes out!! I can't be mad because he did bring me one of my all time favorite movies, "Can't Hardly Wait." Such a classic! I haven't watched this in such a long time!!

Now here I sit, with a warm/full belly, watching Preston Myers trying to confess his undying love to Amanda Beckett. The only thing missing is Andee. Both her and I can quote this movie in its entirety and we used to love quoting the jokes & one liners. Ahh...remember, Kenny aka Special K, the foreign exchange student, Mike Dexter, Jennifer Love Hewitt's constant heavy breathing, William who somewhat resembles David Duchovny and his posse of nerds?? Oh my gosh, what great memories of watching this show over and over. Plus I owned the soundtrack and I remember memorizing "Paradise City" by Guns N' Roses, "Tricky" by Run D.M.C. and "Funky Cool Medina" by Tone Loc and "Graduate" by Third Eye Blind. My friend Chandra and I would play that all the time on our road trips down south. Wow..good times!!! Its funny what was HILARIOUS 10+ years ago, still cracks me up today!

Even though my husband was trying to isolate me in one room so he could game it up with his friends in another, I'm really not that disappointed. Even thought I'm sick, can't breathe through my nose and I'm surrounded by tissues, I really don't care. All thanks to a great 90's flick I loved so much. Come on Andee, put the twins to bed and come quote the movie with me.

#173's - Reliving some good times with a yummy bowl of soup.

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