We drove up to my cousins wedding this evening - almost an hour away. It was quite the drive - but worth it to see the happy couple. (Loves to Jerron & Amanda)  As we were making our way through the GIANORMOUS crowd hovering around the reception center, my nieces wanted the freedom to walk EVERYWHERE. I actually 'manned' baby Avie and followed her around the entire room. She had to stop at every empty chair to rest her head on the seat. She paused to watch the other children run and play. She squealed almost the entire time and made everyone smile and she passed. (We even did a few circles and bumped into our fair share of people!!)

I just love watching them walk, fall, stumble. They are learning so quickly and are super proud of themselves! Ella even claps for herself!! My nieces are getting so big, I just can't believe how much they've grown. It was a pretty packed reception, so after visiting for a just a short 45 minutes, we decided to head outside and let the girls roam for a bit. Of course they picked the parking lot with many cars driving around. Good thing there were 6 adults to these 2 little girls and we were all good barricades!!!

Here is #167 - A proud Miss Avie. I'm posting a video too (a first for this photo blog) but its just too fun to watch them waddle, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share with all my friends. (Sorry for FB repeat!)

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