One of Joe's favorite hobbies is fishing. Of course with these wonderful summer evenings, he has been scouting out all the local fishing ponds. He went last Saturday and caught a few - but he practices the 'catch and release' method - as he should. Tonight he asked if I would join him at a new place this evening. Well I don't have a fishing license, nor do I fish, however I grabbed a good book and my camera and decided to tag along. Unfortunately the first pond was a bummer. No fish and big crowds. So after an hour we picked things up and changed locations. Luckily the pond he visited last Saturday was only a few blocks away, so Joe wanted to try it out. Unfortunately yet again we had no luck at this pond either. We stayed about an hour again and then headed home.  Even though we came home empty handed we still had a great time. I read about half my book and got some color, plus Joe enjoyed the peace and quiet surrounding him.

My #171 - Joe helped me stay out of the sun.

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