I finally saw Bridesmaids. All my friends had seen it, multiple times even. My sister Andee saw it. Everyone has raved about it! Since the husbands/fiancĂ© are away camping this weekend, the girls got together for dinner & a movie.

I might be a little hormonal or something because I have to be honest, I was extremely irritable all night. I don't have a real reason for it - so sorry family if I pissed you off tonight. I don't know what my problem is. But its possible my orneryness effected my opinion of the movie. I mean, there were funny parts for sure. I LOVED Melissa McCarthy and wish her character could have been more developed OR had a bigger part. She was just great. But the rest of the movie wasn't that great. I LOVE Kristen Wiig on SNL, she's definitely my favorite cast member AND I did enjoy the dialog. The way each of the ladies talked (especially Kristen and Maya's characters) was very true to how real life besties talk & make fun of each other. But the story line bugged me, I didn't like the pity party Kristen's character was constantly wallowing in nor did I like the over-the-top 'BFF' Helen. The bridal store fiasco was overly done...so gross, I was nauseous. I was bummed the laughs were like 20 minutes apart. Oh well, I was entertained and I'm no movie critic. Clearly EVERYONE else likes it - so don't take my word for it.

HOWEVER - Jordan Commons Megaplex concessions stands make one fat girl happy!!! Frozen Junior Mints, KETTLE CORN (finally!), Almond Joy mini's (I bought on recommendation and they are WONDERFUL!) Plus they 'refilled' my refillable mug with Icee for only $1 more than soda. Seriously, I was an overly excited chubby girl!

#155 - I laughed, but was slightly disappointed in delivery.

(Cell phone pic - I've had too many of these lately.)

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