Soda Stream.

Have you heard of it? Joe received a few SEARS gift cards for his birthday in May and he bought a Soda Stream. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, click here. Basically its an 'at home' carbonated soda machine. It literally carbonates your tap water and then you buy syrups separately. Of course it isn't owned by either Coke or Pepsi, so the syrups are cola, lemon-lime, root beer, 'fountain mist' and 'dr. pete' (which are equivalent to Mountain Dew & Dr. Pepper) and there are many more. Diet flavors, energy drinks, iced teas and sparkling water flavors.

In my mind, this is just ridiculous. But all who know Joe, know that this is the best birthday present he could have ever received. (Thank you to all the gift card givers) Its a silly machine that takes up room on my counter top, the bottles are too large to drink out of, (which in my mind isn't convenient) so you always needs a glass. We haven't mastered the right consistency of the carbonation or the amount of syrup...so most of the time the soda taste like crap. But my husband loves it and 'swears' by it so I have to live with it.

Joe bought a few new syrups today so he was all gung-ho about making a bunch of soda. He asked me to document the 'ever so exciting' process....mmmkay..

[insert clearing of the throat] Here goes...

The wonderful and amazing process of making your own soda CONVENIENTLY from your own home. (cough cough) My #174's -

 The Soda Stream

 Insert bottle full of tap water

 Press button to carbonate (Here's where we have problems.)

 Measuring syrup (Again...issues..)

 Add syrup to newly carbonated water


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  1. This is HILARIOUS!! I have seen this machine and, no offense to Joe, wondered who buy this crap!! Of course, that being said... I have a snow cone maker, ice cream maker, Smore's maker, and many other fun but useless gadgets! Hopefully you get the details figured out so you can enjoy a nice cup of homemade soda! LOL