Happy Father's Day!

Like I did on Mother's Day, I wanted to dedicate this day to my dad. He is such a great guy and always fun to be around. All my cousin's used to call him "Uncle Al the kiddies pal." There are many things I get from my dad and his side of the family...my lovely figure for one! ;)  Also my good looks - I look just like him. Same eyes shape (just a different color), the same smile, eyebrows and face shape.  I also get the logical side of my brain from him. My dad is an electrical engineer by day and Mr. Logical by night. Everything happens for a reason and for a purpose. Every decision is premeditated or carefully made. My dad and I are not spontaneous people!

My dad is also my #1 support system. He has been there for every decision, by my side or having my back. (All through school, my relationship with Joe, my lifestyle.) I'm very lucky to have a dad that is there for me in every way. Even when my choices take me down a path he disagrees with. No matter what, he'll always support me.

Plus, with my dad came my huge bonus family! I got a 2nd-chance mother and 3 more sisters! (Which then includes 2 brother-in-laws and 2 nephews) We're just one BIG family and I love it!

#170 - Happy Father's Day Dad!!  Thank you for all you do for me and for loving/supporting me always. You are the best! (Even in your grumpy state!)

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