Today is the first Friday of the month. Does anyone know what that means??


I didn't win anything - again - but its still fun to go and visit with friends. I came real close to winning the very last blackout of the night, which had a $200 bounty...but not close enough! I over did it on the amount of cards tonight. Anything over 6 sheets is WAY too many. I had to be "in the zone" in order to keep up. I couldn't talk to anyone, look up from my cards or get distracted in anyway. Yeah that won't happen again!!  Takes the fun out of it!!!  However I did have a great time, even without Joe. (He's camping this weekend with the boys)

Oh and I had to throw in a picture of my newest tattoo. (This tattoo is what I was drawing last night in my post.) Today was a 'me' day, since I had the day off and ALL to myself. I went early to the tattoo place to make sure I got in - since I hadn't made an appointment. They got me in quickly and I was out in only an hour!! There is meaning behind this tattoo (as well as all my others). These two birds are my 'love birds.' Joe and I have been through A LOT over the last 18 months. Trying to get pregnant and not succeeding or even getting close to succeeding has been very difficult on our relationship. But through all the sadness, stress and frustration, we have actually grown closer and tighten our bond. Its been great, strengthening a part of our relationship I didn't even know needed help. We've learned so much about each other and I'm extremely grateful for my patient and understanding husband. So there you go...the 'love birds' Joe and I still are even through this continuous battle. Love you Joe and thank you for still being my sweetheart even when I can be a hormonal mess!!

Here are my #154's - My overwhelming BINGO sheets...gives me a headache just looking at it. And my new ink addition. My "love birds."

I'll have you know, Joe drew the top hat. He was upset that the 'male' bird didn't look masculine. So he drew the top hat as I was making the finishing touches. (Like a 'top hat' is going to make it look masculine...lol) 
I think it looks great - Thanks Joe!

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  1. Bingo!! Where do you play? I haven't played bingo since my school years - wanted to on my cruise but never made it in time. Looks fun!

    I love the new ink - you are so talented in the art dept! The birds are very cute (or handsome, if Joe prefers) and I love what they represent.