Alright, my sister's wedding is exactly a week away. I decided I wanted to go tanning 3 more times before next Tuesday. I feel kind of bad, because I've always been against tanning - especially because I'm a redhead with sensitive skin - and also because it can be very harmful, causes skin cancer, it makes you look old...etc. And here I am almost addicted to it! I'm nervous that I won't be able to stop. I'm LOVING the fact that I have color. I love my tan lines, the fact that my freckles stand out more and I like the tone of my face. Plus I've FINALLY figured out how to use the stupid beds. Will I have the willpower to stop once the wedding is over?? Andee tells me we should just use natural sun after the wedding. Now that we are FINALLY getting into summer here in SLC, that might actually be possible.

I need to kick this habit. Not only do I need to renew my vow to hate tanning beds for life, its getting expensive!!! OUCH! If Joe only knew... ;)  So here is my vow. I'm only going to go 2 more times before the wedding and then I'm DONE! I promise.

#157 - The pink goggles make me smile! See all my freckles? I'm so happy they are making a comeback! (Oh and...this is me with no makeup...yikes! Good thing the goggles cover up the worst parts)

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