You know when people say they have an addictive behavior? I'm starting to believe I am now included in this group. I don't know if you recall my #121, but I was addicted to this silly game called Bubble Busters that I had downloaded on my phone. (Please refer to this post) Well after finally ridding myself of that obsession, I found a new game that has taken over my life. They say you trade one addiction for another, don't they? However this new game, is a ridiculous choice. Its called Sally's Salon. If you've ever heard of Cafe World on facebook or Dine & Dash (which are two of my sister Andee's favorites) its kind of like those. The ridiculous part is, this game IS LITERALLY MY REALITY!!!

In this game you must juggle customers all at the same time. One getting a shampoo, one getting a color, one getting a cut, one being blown-dry and another getting a wax. You have multiple customers at the same time and the goal is to keep them all happy while getting them all taken care of. OMGosh this game stresses me out. My fingers are going crazy on my touch screen as I try to click every option. The stylist/avatar I play, Sally, is a great multi-tasker.  But one would ask, "Um Erica, this is what you do in real life. Why would you spend your free time AWAY from work, playing a game that is almost 100% like work? GOOD QUESTION!!! But I'm addicted!!!!!! I get all excited when everyone leaves 100% happy, I love upgrading my salon and the equipment my avatar uses and I get frustrated and upset when a customer isn't happy or leaves the salon without being waited on. Wow...that's how I am at work too. Would anyone...besides myself...spend their off hours from work, playing a game that is just like being at work? Gosh, how weird am I??

#175 - My new obsession...or my new obsession with my own reality?? You know, I must just love doing hair THAT much, to spend all my free time doing hair...virtually. LOL

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