Okay well today was an eventful day and of course I have no pictures to show for it. :(  My moms birthday was yesterday and the sisters took her to get pedicures and out to dinner. It was really nice, we all got along and shared some interesting stories! But do I have any pictures of that? Nope! I was really slacking today!!

Joe and I did spent the afternoon shopping - my favorite thing - not his. We don't shop for Joe often, because first off, he hates it and second because he only wears the same 6 outfits each week and there are brand new clothes still in his closet!!! We had a shopping spree for him about this time last year...I think it was in May or June 2010 and we bought him a bunch of new shorts, t-shirts and nice button up shirts and we haven't shopped for him since! So today we had the idea to venture out and get him a few new things for our trip coming up next week.

Once we brought home 4 bags of new clothes, we decided...okay I decided...that his closet needed to be cleaned out AND the shirts needed to be cycled through. Like I said he wears the same things over and over again, so all the clothes at the back of his closet haven't been worn hardly at all. In fact we discovered a few t-shirts he has NEVER worn! Ugh it makes my head hurt thinking of all the clothes in there I've never washed or I paid money for and its gone to waste....err!!

When we started this closet clean out, Joe's side of the closet was completely full! If all his clothes are clean, there is literally no wiggle room for the hangers. I was impressed to find quite a gap once we finished cleaning it out. I was so proud of him for losing 6, yes 6 Oakland Raiders shirts that he hasn't worn in years. (I let him keep one, so that means he actually had 7!!!) We got rid of many 'gamer' shirts, like Mario, Zelda and Nintendo shirts...he really isn't into that kind of gaming anymore. Plus we got rid of MANY over worn shirts that I've been trying to get rid of for years. THANK YOU JOE!

Plus once I saw all the new space on his side, I decided to clean out my side of the closet as well!! I wasn't able to get as much room as Joe, but I am proud of myself. I buy clothes for myself ALL THE TIME, so I'm also getting rid of clothes all the time. I have to stay on top of it or I literally have no where to put things.  I now actually have wiggle room too!!

#191's - CLOSET SPACE!! Yay for spring...er summer...cleaning!!

Here is Joe's new 'free space!'

And here is my new 'free space!' 

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