I wanted to save a picture of fireworks for the actual 4th of July, but I just can't help myself. We got together with my dads family tonight for a BBQ, S'mores and fireworks, but tomorrow we are doing the same thing with at my mom's AND we might catch a 'city' firework show afterwards. So since the bigger city show tomorrow would have a better display, I thought I would "practice" taking pictures of fireworks at my dads tonight because taking pictures at night [without] a flash is really hard and I haven't mastered it yet. I ended up catching some great photos and I HAVE to post them!! (I talked to my dad about the shutter speed with taking pictures in the dark - he recommended a tripod, but I ended up just propping my camera up on the curb and was able to get some great shots!)

So Happy [early] Independence Day everyone! Since the 4th is on a Monday, there have been many celebrations all weekend. I know of a few parades and firework shows that were over the weekend - not to mention all the other celebrations that will happen tomorrow. Its been one crazy weekend!!

#184's - Love me some fireworks!!

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