I love receiving packages. Who doesn't?  I especially love packages that are unexpected. Either because I forgot I ordered them or someone decides to surprise me with something special! Haha!! Todays photo is actually both of those. I forgot I ordered this (just yesterday actually) and I was surprised when my friend Jackie showed up at my work today with it! Thank you Jackie for getting it to me so soon!! You're awesome!!

I'm not the biggest fan of Mary Kay. I mean I've liked all the things I've ordered, it just isn't ever my 'must have - go to' catalog. I have a perfume I like, I have makeup I already like, I have skin care products that I already love. So there isn't really anything in the catalog that rocks my world above anything else....EXCEPT their eye make-up remover!! Seriously there isn't anything better. Its 'oil free,' doesn't sting my eyes, gets waterproof gunk off with no problem, plus it soothes my sensitive skin. Anything else I've ever used before hurts my eyes, dries out my skin and takes many washes to get it all off.

This is my MUST HAVE item from Mary Kay and I'm so lucky I have Jackie at my quick convenience.

#187 - You gotta try this stuff man!

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