BEACH BUMS! - Okay not really, but Joe and I got to swim for the first time this summer!!!  We were invited to yet another birthday party with my friend Misti and her family. Misti's parents have a pool in their backyard and last week we were completely fascinated with it. This week - even with a slight sprinkle from above - we HAD to swim!! The pool is heated [heck yes!] and there is this really cool padding on the sides and the bottom, so its super soft of your feet. Plus they don't use chlorine to keep it clean, they use a salt system. It doesn't dry your skin out as much, my eyes aren't stinging and actually my hair felt like I had just got out of the ocean. We had great fun playing with the kids and using multiple beach balls, played a crazy came of volleyball!  It was a fun night and we're so happy Tayvin invited us to his 5th birthday!! And thank you Steve and Charlene for letting us take advantage of your awesome pool!!!

#188 - First swim of the summer and many more to come I'm sure! LOVED IT!! (sorry its a self portrait, I just couldn't resist! Joe cracks me up)

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  1. That's awesome that you were able to enjoy the weather even with the sprinkles in the sky :)