We have finally arrived back in SLC! Our vacation was long, hot, relaxing and FUN! I enjoyed every minute of it!!! Upon arriving back home, I noticed that I've acquired a nice 'natural' tan, two cracked heels from wearing flip flops non-stop, one big suitcase filled with only dirty clothes, a camera memory card full of pictures to edit, two happy puppies that are also home and were well taken care of. I also have a few bags of leftover food, only 3 water bottles & 1 Mexico Pepsi left AND a filthy car from driving on dirt roads all week...not to mention my nice new dent on my passenger door! (My Grandpa accidentally backed into us one day. It definitely gives my car some character...hopefully it'll get fixed soon!)

Of course I am sad that my summer vacation is over and the reunion I've been waiting months for has passed. But I am excited to be sleeping in my own bed and cuddling with my puppies. I had little to NO service in Pine Valley, so I wasn't able to call anyone, send text messages or look at Facebook or emails. Joe and I were literally disconnected from the whole world for week. It was nice to be unreachable for a little bit and not needing to have my cell phone constantly in my hand/pocket. Now I have to head back into work for a little bit tomorrow morning and officially start working again on Tuesday. Its going to be crazy busy week...I bet some of my clients missed me! ;)

Thank you to my mom's family in Enterprise for your hospitality and staying up late talking & telling jokes. Thank you to my Enterprise friends (Chandra included) for getting together with me for a nice visit. And thank you to the Snow Clan for a wonderful 2011 reunion. We had such a great time catching up and just relaxing with the ones we love. I'm so happy we've continued this 24th of July tradition. Not only do I get to see parts of my extended family each year - but I have many friends that live close to Pine Valley that I am guaranteed to see once a year as well!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Okay, back to the photo of the day. I didn't want to take a picture of Pine Valley or anything about us leaving southern Utah. It was hard enough emotionally to leave my favorite place, I didn't want to have to document my sadness. Instead I decided to take a picture of our road trip saving grace. Joe and I were both EXHAUSTED on the way home tonight. (Too many late nights and being up with the sun...it has taken its toll!) Plus we left very late in the afternoon, so on the drive home, we were both wishing we had napped a bit before taking off. However Joe has recently fallen in love with the band Mumford & Sons. Joe quickly downloaded their whole album once we got on the road - thank you Music Junk - and we listened to it the entire way home. (I got kind of annoyed with just an hour left of our drive...so I just put on my headphones and listened to my ipod for a better mix.) But Joe just turned up the volume and jammed out to his favorite songs to keep himself awake and alert. So, thanks to Mumford & Sons, the ride was quick and enjoyable!! Even after listening to the album over and over...and over again!  :)

#205 - Our 'go-to' road trip music. (It used to be an album by Boston. But now we have something new to shake things up.)

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