Woo! I'm posting early today. I think this may be a record!! Usually I post right before bed time, when the day is over. But I was excited about this event today and I had to jump on it!

Back story (you all know you love one of my back stories...) My sister Kalie is 6 months pregnant and has to have weekly progesterone injections. She is considered a high-risk pregnancy, so not only does she go in weekly for doctor visits/ultra sounds, she is also going in weekly (on a different day) to have these injections. I swear everyone at this hospital is on a first name basis with Kalie. Of course it'd be nice if she didn't have to go in all the time, but its also great for the weekly reassurance! Anyway, she literally needs a shot every 6-7 days I believe. No sooner, no later. And of course with the big reunion next week down south, she will be out of town on the 6th AND 7th day. Basically meaning she needs someone to give her the shot while we're on vacation. Who did she ask? Well, ME of course!!! (Lucky me, I'm going to be giving her her 13th shot!! Oooh lucky 13!)

We went to the hospital early this morning and I got a 'crash' course on how to give an injection by this really sweet nurse named Maureen. She was very informative and I believe I got the gist. Pretty much, hold the hip for sturdiness, jam the needle in, hold the bottom for support and use pressure to lower the syringe. I think I got it! **She had me practice on a folded up towel and warned me the most important part is jamming it in there. The slower I go, the more painful it is for Kalie, so just GO! Haha, it was interesting!!  I was having so much fun, I had completely forgotten we were in the Women's Center of the hospital which is my LEAST favorite place to be in the whole wide world. Practicing giving a shot was a great distraction!!

Maureen loaded up a 'goodie bag' for me. It reminded me of those party favor bags you got as a kid when you went to a birthday party. But instead of penny candy, noise makers, stickers and a pencil, I got gloves, alcohol swabs, 1 syringe, 4 needle tips (in case I accidentally un-sterlize it) and a band-aid! See, what a great goodie bag!! And instead of a Superhero logo or Villain insignia, I get a big BIO-HAZARD symbol!!! LOL

Here is my #195's - Don't worry Kalie, I got this!

 The 'stuff!'

My goodie bag!!

I'm now starting to think Maureen should have given a lesson on the importance of 'responsibility' when handling needles and how dangerous they can be! At least she told me how to safely dispose of the used needle!!! Wait until next week and I may post a picture of the injection - in action! LOL

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