I don't have much time to blog today. I'm sitting here on the Pine Valley Chapel's steps alone and its the only true moment of peace and quiet I've had today. I'm sitting here, looking out into the beautiful valley as I type this. Watching the cars drive in from the canyon. Wondering if any of them are my family members that are supposed to arrive this evening. I'm watching a herd of about 6 or 7 cows trying to cross the street, a passerby stops by the side of the road to let them pass and also hops out of their car to get a closer view. The cows, not wanting be a spectacle, start trotting faster to escape the attention. I can hear the bees buzzing by, the sound of a 'off road vehicle' in the distance. The smell for fresh Utah air and the slight breeze across my face. I'm so happy here.

The majority of the Snow clan arrives this evening. After tonight, all I'll hear is the sound of woman chattering and catching up with each other. The sound of the guys playing frisbee on the lawn or playing catch. The kids either playing together or whining to get attention. My belly will be full with all the delicious meals planned ahead. My heart will be all warm and fuzzy from spending great quality time with the ones I love.

Happy Wednesday everyone. Its a cool 78degrees in Pine Valley. Dinner is on the stove and calling my name. Back to the cabin I must go.

My peaceful place #201

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