Today was another thin slice of heaven. We are now officially in Pine Valley which will be the last stop on our vacation and another of our favorite spots in Southern Utah. I love it here...absolutely love it. (The rest of my Snow Family can probably agree on that.) We have an semi-formal annual reunion down here every 24th of July weekend and my immediate family has participated many of my 29 years. This year we are having a formal family reunion - just minus a few that couldn't make it. :(  The reunion officially starts Thursday morning once all have arrived and I can't wait for a whole weekend of catching up and just hanging with great family.

There isn't anything you couldn't love about this place. The peace & quiet, family togetherness, fresh pine smell in the air, all the memories from my childhood, the history of this hidden valley and now the awesome discovery of WiFi on the local Chapel grounds!!!!!  That's right people, I said WiFi!!!!  I was sitting in our cabin, desperately trying to find a strong enough signal to get online from my cell like I had practiced. It took about 20 minutes of frustration until some wonderful news from Grandpa that there is one local hot spot!!! YAY!! All that worry for no reason. The chapel is just walking distance from where we are staying and I will now gladly look forward to my nightly stroll to the chapel just to post my picture of the day.

Since today marks my 200th photo, I really wanted to find something special to capture. But in the enjoyment of my vacation, loading and unloading the car, a nice cat nape on the couch and preparing dinner with my sister...there just wasn't a moment of actual photo-blog thought. Weird! ;)  But after a peaceful day of relaxation and a short jaunt in the wagon around the block, I decided to capture the beautiful faces of my twin nieces. They are at such a cute age, where they are curious about everything, learning from their stumbles and yakking away in their secret little language!! We've had a great day watching and laughing at them. Unfortunately they didn't want to be photographed tonight, especially right before bedtime when I pulled the camera out, but I was able to snap a few that show their individual personalities!!

My #200's!!!!  Avie and Ella. Avie the prankster and mischievous one with her cheesy grin. And Ella, Ms Prissy and major attitude. I couldn't get a smile from her to save my life. It was either this [daddy resembling] scowl or the thumb in the mouth. HAHA!

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