Okay you may have noticed my previous post. If you haven't, its no big deal, it was just a test to see if I could FINALLY blog & upload a picture straight from my phone. I was going to delete it, but its another stepping stone in the challenge process so I decided to leave it. But basically as you can see from that post, I am able to upload from my phone!

I have an Android phone and dealing with Blogger has proved to be difficult on several occasions. With my vacation starting (in just 4 days!!) I wanted to make sure I could post with no problems once I'm in an area with no internet connection. I was actually planning on giving my password to my friend Joy and then send her the photo via email on my phone and have her post each day for me. (She's an internet nerd like me and she's always online!! LOL) I may actually still have her as my backup plan in case I have service issues. So Joy, I may be calling you!! As of Saturday you are officially on standby for 9 days, okay?! :)

My aunt & uncle have an internet connection at their house I could use, but Joe and I will be arriving quite a few days before them, so I can't rely on their source all 9 days. I also asked my bro-in-law Jarron who said he'd be headed to St. George every day to check emails at any Free WiFi hot spots. So its nice to know I have other options. See how obsessed and dedicated I am?? I'll be on vacation for crying out loud, but I still want to make sure I'm consecutive! No worries my fellow readers; followers and stalkers. I will be posting all 9 days of my vacation!!

If you are at all curious, my solution was just a new web browser. My phone's default internet app and Opera Mini browser were already installed on my phone and neither were blogger friendly. I went into my App Store and downloaded 7 different browsers I've never heard of and then tried to blog with each of them. I was shocked that 6 out of the 7 were just the same as my default browser. However I did find 1 - thank you 'Skyfire!' Now I can post with minimal obstacles!!

Okay enough mumbo-jumbo you probably don't care about. Since I blabbed for so long I'll keep this photo post short. I received another surprise today at work!! I have a client that is German AND works in an 'Authentic German Bakery' called Vosen's. (I love her accent and when she yells at her husband in German!! So funny!!)  We talk about her work all the time, but I have never asked about the yummy things they bake & sell, until her last hair appointment about a month & 1/2 ago. After she made me incredibly hungry by just talking about them, she promised to bring me some next time. Well, she brought me a surprise box of delicious pastries today!! Mmm -mmm they were so good!

Since I get made fun of for posting too many 'food' pictures, I thought I'd just post a picture of the box seal. (Sorry Kalie, what's a fat girl to do? Love me some food!!) My #193 - The sugar coated goodness that is NOT pictured! Haha!!  

Danke SUE!!! (Good luck going home next month. I can't wait to hear about your trip! Tshüs!)

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