The theme to this post is 'Oh to be a kid again!'  We had a BBQ at my mom's tonight even with the on and off sprinkling rain. My mom has this blow-up slide/pool for the grandkids and they just love it! When Joe and I got there, only my nephew Jesse was in the pool and he wanted someone to get in with him. Joe was playing with him outside of the pool for a bit, then decided he had to play on the slide as well...without a swimming suit!  Now the hilarious part is that the slide 'steps' in back only support about 200lbs max...and even that is pushing it. Since Joe was unable to climb up - he had to take a running start and jump up to the top, then in that same motion, slide down into the pool. He did only about 3 or 4 times before he wore himself out, but the rest of us just loved laughing at his attempts!! :)  What a great sport!

Then once the other grandkids arrived, the adults had fun watching them soak up the [slight] warm weather and have a good time. There is just something about watching kids play with a smiles from ear to ear. They always have so much...even when there is a little whining, arguing and pushing involved. Oh kids!

#185 - Oh to be a kid again. Joe's inner child came out to play tonight! (I added a few other photos as well to show you how much fun they had!)

This photo is my 'actual' photo for today - it inspired my theme. 
Joe was 'frolicking' while trying to catch bugs with the pool net. 
Seriously he is a kid at heart.

And then here are some action shots for fun. The first 2 are Joe's sliding action, then the rest are of Jesse, Caleb & Lauren. Caleb has no fear when it comes to this slide; he was literally jumping off the top. Too funny! Plus I loved the 'SPLASH' photos - loved capturing the spray of water!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Wanted to send love your way and let you know, I am following even though I don't comment each day! What a great way to journal!! I can't wait to see you all in a few weeks!! YAY!!