Alright ya'll. I'm breaking the news! I have decided to quit my job and start fresh elsewhere! I've been with Smart Style for over 5 years and a salon manager for almost 3 years. I swear its been a huge part of my life for so long. It'll be fun to try something new, but I will miss the memories & people I've met.  But with my new place I'll be occupying, it definitely has the opportunity for improvements. They are letting me take the reins and do 'whatever' I want.....Soooooo what does that mean? PROJECT!!!

I took my family to see the place tonight and bounced ideas off of them. After debating on colors, floors and decor, I finally begged my sister Kalie to go to Home Depot with me. (I'm so very indecisive!) Well... $250 later!!! I'm super pumped for this weekend and all the painting we're going to do!

#244 - The first of MANY purchases. I'm excited for all the things to come!! (Some before & after pictures?? Hahaha, I thought you'd never ask! Stay tuned!!)

**Oh and by the way for all my customers who read this blog - I'll still be at Smart Style until the middle of September. So get in, see me and get my number!!

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