Tonight is bittersweet. Tomorrow is my last day at Smart Style. Unfortunately since its a Sunday, many of my stylists have it off, so I had to say my 'goodbyes' at the end of my shift today. My last day really snuck up on me, so I didn't feel like my goodbye hugs were enough. I decided to buy each of them a card and express my appreciation for each of them on a more personal level.

I truly am lucky to have had the best group of stylists ANYONE could ever ask for. Each of them are very motivated, determined and supportive of each other, myself and the salon as a whole. I'm so proud of each of them and what they have done for my career as manager and making my life easier, not to mention the talent and zest for their own careers & success! How lucky was I that each of them walked into my store to apply OR actually called me personally wanting a job? As a manager I went through many stylists but I finally came across my perfect group. Jordan, Brianna, Candice, Mary Ellen and Kaitlyn. Knowing that I won't see them everyday has been really hard for me to grasp. Jordan and Brianna have been with me for almost my whole managing career. We've become close friends as well as colleagues. Plus Jordan might take over my position and be my successor.  How can I not be proud of that? They are amazing girls.

I have made a lifetime of memories and good moments with these girls and I know they are the main reasons why my salon was so successful and will continue to be so. (Even with Mary Ellen quitting as well!)

Thank you ladies for being the best stylists, employees and friends. We laughed so much, waxed many noses, shared many lunches and took care of each other. I'm grateful I got to be apart of this team. Love you girls - thank you for everything you have done for me and helping me be a better manager and friend. I'll miss you all so very much!!!

#253 - My 'goodbye' notes. (Hold it together Erica, hold it together!)

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